Seven Frames Production

produces art, film and web for all kinds of media. We strive towards having everything

we produce maintain an artistic quality and feeling with a defined style that helps to

distinguish our productions, while making them unique and useful for our clients.


We believe that a strong, clear and creative visual identity is crucial for success in today´s media

climate and that it will be even more so in the future. We want to be your creative partner, who adds,

improves and develops your concepts and communicative goals.


Seven Frames – your creative partner in the world of media



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Pehr Arte - founder and owner of Seven Frames. Having started his very first production company 1986.
Pehr has a vast and long experience of producing film in all it´s ways, shapes and forms.

He has produced documentaries, commercials, corporate films, short films and music videos.


Mattias Landegren - part owner of Seven Frames. He has been producing music for all kinds of film projects

since 1996  and has so far composed for fiction, short films, commercials, documentaries and corporate films.



We have a large network of creative people such as directors, photographers, editors, graphic designers,

musicians and sound designers – ranging from all spectras of the film and audio industry.



Over the years we have received numerous awards both for commercials and for corporate films.

In close collaboration with creative people in our network, we have won the Golden Swan in Scandinavia,

the Golden Egg in Sweden, various awards in Cannes, at the New York Film festival, the IVCA in London,

the Intercom in Chicago and at the US International Film & Video festival, Los Angeles.



Production Portfolio – for securing communication and information in a production are always used on

all bigger productions.


A media investment tool – a communication analysis tool for your market communication and a

securer media investment.